Right from the day he interviewed me for the position at HDS, I have been extremely impressed with Robroy's humble nature and his vast expanse of knowledge. A subset of his wonderful set of qualities which I have noticed include:
> Complete hold of technical knowledge and expertise in his domain
> Detailed candidate analysis of any interview that he takes
> Patiently listening and explaining details to all colleagues, even to those much junior in experience
> Valuable insights over products and careful detailing in bug reports
> His lighter vein and amazing communication skills
> Artistic PhotoShop skills :)
Its a pleasure to share a team with him while working for HDS.
Besides being an amazing person to talk to he is a high potential problem solver, ready to help and jovial even during tough times.

May the force be with you always!
Keep inspiring!
~Honey Das, Techincal Lead - Storage QA, Xoriant Solutions
I met Robroy through working at VMware in the labs team.  I believe Robroy worked part of the CPD Group.

The first thing that set Robroy apart from other Engineers was the politeness I found from reading his work tickets.  They always started off with a Good Morning, or Good Afternoon and if the tickets were in the evening he made a note to thank the graveyard team for their work.  I manage all the tickets that come to the labs team and I can honestly say that nobody comes close or even compares to the way Robroy makes you feel once you've completed the work.  The tickets didn't just end with a Good morning but his requests were to the point and gave us options if what he wanted couldn't be done.  For this reason the labs team loved to work on Robroy's request, even if that meant running 30Meter Fiber cables from one area of the data center to the other.  I'm sure this quality of genuine politeness is still with Robroy and will guarantee him peace in everything he does.  Wish you all the best my friend.
~Irfan Pathan, TechOps Engineer, VMware Inc
I know Robroy for almost 3 years as a professional colleague here at Hitachi Data Systems. He is a highly qualified Test Automation Engineer and he has a very good personality.

Robroy is very easy to work with and always eager to provide help and to share his best knowledge and techniques with others who work next to him.

I remember the days when he was spending his time, staying after hours, to teach me on how to configure Fibre Channel Switches. Those were very valuable lessons for me.

I would work with Robroy anytime and would recommend him to anyone looking for an expert in Test Automation, VMware products, SAN Storage, Fibre Channel Switches, UNIX-like operating systems.

Robroy is definitely an asset to any team
~Konstantin Berko, Software QA Engineer, Hitachi Data Systems
I worked with Robroy for couple of months in one of the assignment. I would say that Rob is the best colleague I have worked ever. He is very good technical and useful resource, giving more than 100%. In addition to this quality, he also possess good interpersonal skills. He is really a good human being with lot of technical knowledge. Some of his other qualities are honesty, patience, good listening skills, reliable and very helpful. Overall a best person to work with. I really liked working with him and look forward for such opportunities again in my life.
~Gul Manglani, Senior QA Lead, Calsoft, Inc.
It's my great honor to work with Rob for 2 months in PA, VMware company as teammates since I've been there for business from China. I was shocked by the first time I met him and he used the Chinese words to say hello to me. That makes me so comfortable. Obviously, he is friendly, very very nice guy and easily to get on with him. When I talking, discussing with him, he is so polite and speeds lower to let me understand clearly.

He is also a guy who working hard on his position. He is responsible for all kinds of requests from worldwide VMware R&D sites, such as system trouble shooting, storage allocation, setting up test ENV... The most scenes giving impression to me is there is stick note putting on his desktop's screen with following words "Robory@Prom Lab A/B/C..." for all day. People always give the most important works to person who they trust and rely on. Rob is one of such kind of guy which I met also.

In all, Robory is really fantastic friend for me. It's great time and opportunity to work with him. If possible, don't hesitate to make friends with him and will give you great memories in your life, I'm pretty sure of that.
~Jia He, VMWare China
I really enjoyed working with him in VMware for 3+ years. He was very helpful to entire Bangalore, India and Beijing,China teams working for VMware. He is the one engineer who talks very politely.
We started working togather when I came to Palo Alto in 2007 (first time in my life I was out from India) and we worked on Storage Virtualization Devices project for VMware enterprise products.
He helped in taking to Quizzonos to get my Dinner on my first day in US.
We learnt and worked on SVD and later he was involved in hardware enablement projects as well.

I had visited US again in 2009 and we used to share the same office office and we had a fun time for 3 months with one more friend from France, Joffrey Daras.

We had last drink in Board Walk in Mountain View.

Robroy is very much interested in learning new languages and knowing other cultures and appreciating them. He is a good learner, listener. I have to really appreciate his patience towards listening to others. Few things what I remember
"Vanakkham Anna" in Tamil :)
"Ni hao ma" in Chineese ;)

Absolutely, Exactly, Totally a Great Man!!!
~Rajesh Petchimuthu, Software Engineer, VMware, India
I've known Robroy from the Ford truck enthusiast site Fordification.com for the last two years while he's worked to restore a '72 F250 and have always been impressed with the quality of his posts and threads. Always positive, Robroy brings a relaxed confident perspective to problems, taking nibbles and little bites out of big problems and working through snags and adversity with the patience needed to accomplish the final results.

My personal computer experience was getting a mid '90's Bridgeport CNC machining center running DOS 6.1 to talk to a Windows Xp PC over a wired network via TCI/IP protocols without conflicting with the wireless network on the Xp machine, a step back in time and technology. Small nibbles and little bites with lots of excellent email communications worked through the problems and we both learned / relearned some good information. Once it finally worked there were cheers and high fives on both coasts.

To sum it up Robroy has a certain grace and composure that is rare today, something to be cherished and remembered as I go through my life day to day.
~James Sollenberger, Home Shop Machinist, Hagerstown MD
I had the absolute honor and pleasure of working with Robroy at SCO several years ago.

I was the lead engineer for the Build and Product Integration in the merger of SCO's 2 Operating Systems. It was incredibly complex and the most technically challenging project I have ever worked on. I know, without a doubt, the ensuing flagship product(OpenServer 6) not only would never have been released but the bug fixing process would have been an insurmountable nightmare if it had not been for Robroy's diligence and expertise in the QA department as their top engineer.

His seemingly unlimited technical abilities covered both hardware and software and were critical in developing case scenarios to solve the myriad of complex problems that arose on a hourly basis. On top of this due to his remarkable personality and communication skills he was also able to effectively communicate complex technicalities to not only his team members in QA but the engineers in R&D and Product Marketing managers. This was critical to get issues resolved and on a timely basis.

As if those qualities are not enough, he is one of the nicest, smile-inducing, patient people you could ever want to know let alone have the luck to work with! He will be an undeniable asset to any company that is lucky enough to hire him!
~Mary Eriksen, Programmer Analyst/UCSC
I have known Robroy for 12 years, had the pleasure of working with Robroy at Cabrillo College many years ago, and have followed his career very closely every since. As I have told every employer he has worked for when they called me for a reference, Robroy will be the best employee they will have ever had. Robroy not only embodies superior technical excellence and commitment to outstanding customer service, he is also an individual of tremendous character, honesty and integrity. Robroy is an outstanding person to work with, very hard working, extremely easy to get along with, and accepts any challenge with excitement! He will work through an issue or problem until it is completed to the utmost satisfaction of those involved. As I have mentioned to his employers I say to you as well, with Robroy on your team you will never be sorry!
~Dan Kern, Chief Security & Privacy Officer, County of Monterey
I had the pleasure of working with Robroy over the summer of 2009 during my internship with Vmware. Besides being an excellent team player as well as a close personal friend, I also consider him to be my mentor. Each time I had a problem with Esx server or had any other hardware related issue, Rob is the person I would turn to for help. A true computer enthusiast, Robroy is an expert in all things related to Unix, Storage and Computer Networking including but not limited to ESX server, FreeBSD and administration/configuration of storage arrays.

Rob is also an excellent team player with outstanding communication skills. Our team was relying on documentation that he wrote during his time at Vmware till the end of my internship, months after he had left. He also single handedly developed automation for mapping Esx servers to storage arrays, thereby saving our team hundreds of man hours.

Robroy is the best QA engineer I have worked with and I highly recommend him without any reservation. I hope to work with him sometime again in the future.
~Mohanpreet Bhinder, Graduate Student, University of Florida
I worked with Robroy at Vmware for few years. He is a good engineer with problem solving ability. Moreover, he is capable of managing resources, setting procedures and effective communicator. He is technical and is capable of learning new things and managing demanding tasks. On the personal level, Robroy is a person that understands what etiquette means. Loosing him by vmware wasn’t just loosing the technical ability, but loosing a person with his own class and the know how to deal with others. I consider these traits at the top of the scale when hiring someone or doing business.
~John Boulos, Software Engineer, VMware
I provided support for R&D hardware and software for Robroy's team at VMware. I interacted with him quite often and always enjoyed his approach and dedication to the task at hand. He worked in an extremely demanding team and always handled a very hard and demanding workload with aplomb. Robroy would be an asset to any company that hired him. If I get the chance to work with Robroy again I would be very pleased to have such an individual on my team.
~Sarah Townsend, VMware R&D and Prototype Support Technician
I have worked with Robroy side by side for 3 years at VMware Inc.;
Robroy is a highly knowledgeable professional with ability to meet deadlines with ease.
He is honest, diligent, respectful to others, extremely patient and thorough.
It is my pleasure to highly recommend Robroy!
~Alexander Shargo, Software QA Engineer
Robroy and I worked together for several years at the Santa Cruz Operation; I was a software developer, he was in the system test group. I wholeheartedly endorse all the praise others have given for his personality, professionalism, and team spirit, but I want to stress this part in particular: He is simply the best QA engineer I ever worked with. He could always see software from the end user's perspective, and he came up again and again with ways to exercise code that would never have occurred to me. His bug reports were always clear, detailed, and helpful.

If I could put together a dream engineering team, it would have Robroy doing QA.
~Evan Hunt, Software Engineer, Internet Systems Consortium
I worked with Robroy for three years at VMware. .
Robroy is precise and diligent in his habits, he is at once both innovative and pragmatic in developing new programs and solutions. he works well with others, and considered an excellent team player that foster an atmosphere of mutual respect and cooperation. He is quick to absorb and utilize new information and procedures, and eager to accept new challenges. He works well independently, willingly takes initiative, and accept direction graciously.
In addition to his experience and professionalism. Robroy has an exceptional personality. Easy to get along with, goes above and beyond the call to help other team members with down to earth attitude. I am confident that Robroy will be a contributor from day one.

Nidal Khalil Senior MTS, VMware
~Nidal Khalil, Senior Network Software Engineer
I worked with Robroy about 10 years ago at SCO (Santa Cruz Operations). It was a privilege to work with such a dedicated engineer. Not only is he good at what he does but his personality brought a smile to my face everyday we worked together. He is honest, thorough, efficient, and simply one of the best software engineers I know. He leaves no stone unturned. Robroy is a leader and we can all learn from his abilities. I miss working with him and hope that someday we can work together again. I learned so much from Robroy in the short time that we worked together and would consider him a major asset to any company.

~David Drysdale, Production Engineer, Applied Geometrics
I know Robroy from VMware for 3+ years. He's the most wonderful person I have ever known personally and professionally. Every time I'm stuck and frustrated with any issue, I come and talk to him. Being a such good listener, he listened and worked toward a solution. No matter how big and insurmountable the problem was initially, Robroy will make it seems so small when we bring all things into the right perspective. Robroy helped me a lot with Unix and the in-and-out of ESX servers. From this knowledge I was able to become a good performer in my team. He's also a very resourceful person when it comes to allocating and sharing hardware from our lab. I often come to him for hardware setup if I don't happen to have it in my team. On one occasion I need an ESX server with 4 terabyte of network storage so that we can test a Virtual Machine with a hard-disk that size. He was able to whipped that setup in a few hours. With that, I was able to reproduce a bug in customer's environment and provide a fix for it. The turnaround was incredibly fast.

On the personal side, Robroy is a fantastic person to work with. He can relate to any issue and has the empathy for whomever around him. This is a great human trait that anyone can have.

To sum up Robroy, he is courteous, honest, friendly, knowledgeable, hard working, fun, patient, and fun.

~Roger Pham, Software QA Engineer, VMware Inc.

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